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MMATECH and Ortho-Baltic successful cooperation in Patient-custom made Hip Joint Implants

We are happy to share the news about MMATECH and Ortho-Baltic successful cooperation.

MMATECH mission is to improve life quality - enable surgeries in younger patients and reduce suffering using an advanced bio-compatible polymer as a safer solution.

For the last 5 years, MMATECH Ltd. was fruitfully working with Ortho-Baltic on the several joint projects (developing technological solutions for transition from singular custom-made implants production, to mass-customization in personalized medical treatment).

Alisa Buchman, CTO at MMATECH Ltd, was one of the speakers in the Life Science Baltics 2018 conference in Vilnius. She specializes in aging of polymers, adhesive characterization and formulation, novel surface treatment, failure analysis and micro/nano-bonding.

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