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 We create business opportunities for our members in Israel, Lithuania and abroad 

Legal & Advisory Services
Business match making and Technology scouting
Information and referral services - R&D Funding 

The ILTH offers its services and assistance to companies and institutions in both countries. The Hub can assists your company to gain familiarity with both markets and identify business opportunities, partners, agents and distributors, outsourcing, technology scouting, joint ventures and other projects, based on your specific requirements.


The Hub Team will apply its in-depth acquaintance and extensive knowledge, contacts and experience in both sectors, coupled with a detailed business information network in order to promote the business relations, cooperation and collaboration between Israeli and Lithuanian companies and organizations. 


It is anticipated that start-ups and young companies, which are seeking mentorship, advice, joint ventures, partners and funding, will apply to the Hub to participate in its program. The Hub Staff will vet each application and at its discretion, accept those companies where they feel they can assist significantly.


The service is free of charge and limited in scope. There will however, be a nominal handling fee, which will be charged to such companies, once it has been established that the Hub can assist a company. The scope of service and exact program for each company will vary and will be tailor made for each company. 

Companies accepted to the Hub will receive the following:

1.  Legal & Advisory Services

Raising awareness on Israeli and Lithuanian markets, forms of partnership, including international and local law adoption and amendment where needed. Initial advisory services limited in scope, in the following fields:

  • Legal services

  • Business plan

  • Market entry strategy

  • Marketing


2.  Business matchmaking and Technology scouting 

  • Make recommendations and effect introductions to potential partners, mentors, access to funding and to other professional service providers, whether in Israel, Lithuania or elsewhere. Such business and professional relationships will then be concluded directly between the companies and their desired partners or service provides. 

  • For those companies looking to access a new deal flow, start-ups and innovative technologies partners, R&D and innovation hubs – especially in Israel – we develop a research & filtering process to ensure a proper selection of companies, finding attractive new technologies, products, VCs, start-ups & accelerators matching their objectives.


3.  Information and referral services - R&D Funding 

  • Maintain and keep information, updates etc. from both Israel and Lithuania with respect to policies, programs etc. in the field of the ICT and the life sciences.

  • Liaise with the directors of the Israel-Lithuania R&D Fund, and where appropriate, effect introduction of successful Hub applicants to the Fund for financing. Scouting for Israel, Lithuanian and EU funding mechanisms (Bilateral R&D projects, H2020, Eurostars, VCs, Partners for International Business). 


4.  Ensuring partnership and cooperation between Lithuanian and Israel Businesses 

  • Act as a private sector lobby group for companies in Israel and Lithuania who are active in the fields of the Hub. Assist in liaising with the respective authorities in both countries, troubleshooting hurdles, where possible. Holding seminars, B2B meetings and networking events. 

  • Accelerating innovations.

  • Providing high-quality strategic entrepreneurship opportunities.

  • Attracting investment and developing bilateral innovation projects. 


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