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Building the ILTH Partnership


Thank you for your interest in the ILTH


The Hub Staff evaluates each application on merit and at its discretion, accepts applicant companies where they feel they can assist.


The service is free of charge and limited in scope. There will however, be a nominal handling fee of EUR 300, which will be charged to such companies, once it has been established that the Hub be of service.


The scope of service and exact program for each company will vary and will be tailor made for each company. 

Candidates and Criteria for applications: 

To qualify for the Hub Partnership Program, your company must fall into the following categories:


  • Start up or young companies registered either in Israel or Lithuania.

  • Companies beyond the seed stage, which introduce innovative ideas, new technology or interesting new applications, whether with new or existing IP. 

Process of application:

 Acceptance process


1. Review requirements of Applicant: 

  • Mentoring 

  • Finding a partner/Match making

  • Funding 

2. Define strategy and plan for Applicant 

3. Monthly review (up to three months) 

4. Demo Day / Press coverage 


If you are interested in working with us please complete the form below.
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