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The pilot project „Smart Parking Management” has been launched in Vilnius

Vilnius city municipality and Israeli company „My City 360” partnered together to bring intelligent parking management solutions for Vilnius city.

The ILTH (Technology Hub) of the Israel Lithuania Chamber of Commerce is proud to have initiated the meeting between the parties and to be a partner in this exciting innovative venture!

The project aims to provide for Vilnius drivers comfortable to find free parking places in the city. Smart sensors will help to monitor free parking spaces in the real time. If the pilot project will be fruitful Vilnius municipality will seek to apply the intelligent solutions to the larger area of the city.

The project is being implemented by Vilnius City Municipality, SĮ "Susisiekimo paslaugos", Vilnius City Business and Tourism Development Agency "Go Vilnius" and partners from Israel „My City 360“.

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