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Newsletter No. 5 - April 2016

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the fifth issue of the Israel Lithuania Technology Hub Newsletter, in which we endeavor to keep you informed of the Hub's activities, events, updates and further relevant information. The first quarter of 2016 has been fairly busy for the Hub Team, as is detailed below, with several exciting activities planned during the year. We are proud to advise that we have established new partnerships and would like to welcome aboard, Kaunas Free Economic Zone and Inova Baltics, whilst Teva Baltics remains our principal partner. We are appreciative and grateful to our sponsors! For any suggestions, proposals or comments please contact us. We, the Hub Team wish you and your families a happy Passover Ronen Gruber CEO, The Israel Lithuania Technology Hub Tel:972-54-4578620

Closing 2015 with the traditional Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony held at Beit Issie Shapiro in Ra'anana

The Ceremony was opened by our Chairman, Len Judes and the Executive Director of Beit Issie Shapiro, Mrs. Jean Judes. Ambassador of Lithuania to Israel H.E. Mr. Edminas Bagdonas attended the event as the Guest of Honor. Prior to the lighting ceremony, H.E. Ambassador Edminas Bagdonas and. Len Judes visited the Municipality of Ra’anana and met with the Mayor Ze'ev Bielski, to discuss cooperation between Ra’anana and Vilnius, in the fields of high-tech, life science and entrepreneurship. To read more click here

Below: from the Left – Chairman of the ILTH Len Judes, Mayor of Ra'anana Ze'ev Bielski, H.E. Mr. Edminas Bagdonas Ambassador of Lithuania to Israel and Council Member, Mrs. Sima Perry

Below: from the Left – Council Member Mrs. Sima Perry, Executive Director of Beit Issie Shapiro Mrs. Jean Judes, H.E. Mr. Edminas Bagdonas Ambassador of Lithuania to Israel, Len Judes and Ronen Gruber

Meeting with Mayor of Ra’anana

On 7th of January, the ILTH Team met with Mayor Ze'ev Bielski of Ra’anana and his team, in order to discuss cooperation between Ra’anana and Vilnius in the area of ICT and the Life Sciences. This meeting followed initial discussions held by Len Judes with Mayor Remigijus Šimašius, of Vilnius and his Team. Vilnius and Ra’anana both boasting strong ICT and life science industries with complementary strengths, make for a perfect match. The ILTH Hub initiative has met with much enthusiasm in the respective municipalities and has the full support of the Governments of Lithuania and Israel, as expressed by their respective ambassadors. This initiative, as will be detailed below, is now coming to fruition. Below: from the Left – The Hub team with the Mayor of Ra’anana- from left to right: Zvika Kezurer, Len Judes, Ze'ev Bielski, Mayor of Ra'anana; Zeev Zelig, and Ronen Gruber

Zvika Kezurer, ICT Director and Tomas Navardauskas, Operations Manager of the ILTH Team attended CYBERTECH 2016

Over 12,000 people attended the event, held on January 26-27 in Tel Aviv and said to be the second-largest exhibition of cyber technologies worldwide. CYBERTECH 2016 attracted 250 cyber companies, 100 startups and hundreds of delegations from across the globe. CYBERTECH presents problem solving strategies and solutions to challenges in a wide range of sectors including finance, defense, transportation, utilities, R&D, energy, manufacturing, service sectors, health, media, and government.

Len Judes, Chairman of the ILTH at the 6th Annual Trendlines Company Showcase

On January 27, Len Judes, attended the 6th Annual Trendlines (incubator) meeting. With over 400 attendees, the Auditorium at Kibbutz Shefayim Conference Center was packed and many meetings and discussions were held between CEOs of startup companies, investors, and other guests. 10 interesting and innovative startup companies briefly presented their technologies. Cooperation with the ILTH was discussed. Below: Chairman of the ILTH Len Judes at the 6th Annual Trendlines meeting

ILTH attendance at the reception on the Restoration of Independence Day held by the Embassy of Lithuania in Tel-Aviv

On the 17th February, the Lithuanian Embassy held a reception in honor of the Day of Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence. A large commemorative gathering took place in Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Below: from the Left – Len Judes, H.E. Ambassador Edminas Bagdonas, Ze’ev Zelig and Zvika Kezurer

Below: from the Left – Zvika Kezurer, Len Judes, Mr. Amos Eiran, Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Israel, Ze’ev Zelig, Tomas Navardauskas and Ronen Gruber

A visit of a delegation of the Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce to Israel

On the 17th of March, Mrs. Mariana Grinberg, Board Member of the Israel Lithuania Chamber of Commerce (ILCCI) and representative of Manufacturers association of Israel (MAI), met at the Embassy of Lithuania with the delegates and gave a presentation on the Israeli Industry, market and activities of the Chamber/Hub. Ambassador Bagdonas met with Director General of the Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts Visvaldas Matkevičius and representatives of 13 Lithuanian companies from Panevėžys region. Prospects of bilateral cooperation, business environment in Israel, possibilities to find business partners and to export Lithuanian production have been discussed. Below: Members of the Panevėžys Chamber of Commerce and Mrs. Mariana Grinberg in the center of the photo (in black)

Lithuania presents its tourism potential for Israelis at the IMTM 2016 Tourism Exhibition in Tel Aviv

Lithuania presented alongside 40 other countries, its outstanding tourism potential at the IMTM 2016 tourism exhibition held on February 9th-10th in Tel Aviv. The major tourist destinations, such as Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda as well as the famous resort towns Palanga, Druskininkai and Birštonas were presented at the exhibition. Click here for Lonely Planet article introducing Lithuania as one of Europe’s gems Below: from the Left – Mrs. Rima Blumenzon, Len Judes and Ronen Gruber at the Lithuanian Tourism Stand at the Tel Aviv Tourism Exhibition.

ILTH team visit to Vilnius

Between the 14-17 of March, Len Judes, Zvika Kezurer and Ronen Gruber, visited Vilnius in order to hold meetings with the Hub partners, new and existing, organizations and companies, which we are engaged with. We were joined by a representative of the Municipality of Ra’anana, Idan Meir, the CEO of “Hubanana”, the municipal Technology work sharing base. This is pursuant to out initiative to build a partnership with Ra’anana, to forge business ties with Vilnius in the field of high tech and life science. The purposes of this visit was:

  1. To introduce Ra’anana as a municipal center for innovation and excellence in the fields of high tech and life science, which encourages and promotes local business, whether startups or mature companies, promotes collaboration of sorts and to forge a relationship with Vilnius and local relevant businesses there.

  2. To progress our ILTH involvement in the upcoming LSB (Life science Baltics) 2016 Conference scheduled to take place on the 14-15 September 2016 in Vilnius, with emphasis on Technology Transfer.

  3. Continuing the efforts to bring Technology Transfer organizations to the Academia in Lithuania.

  4. To formalize agreements and relationships with existing and new Hub partners.

  5. Forging new relationships with new organizations and companies.

The meetings held were positive and encouraging, details of which are presented herein:

In anticipation of Life Science Baltics (LSB) 2016, we met with Enterprise Lithuania

Enterprise Lithuania are the organizers of LSB 2016 and during the meeting, we were advised of their plans, progress and preparations. We also discussed the ILTH involvement and contribution to the agenda, substance and specifically, with respect to the technology transfer session and commercialization of IP deriving from Academia. Technology Transfer will be one of the topics in the conference, and we used this meeting to introduce the TT model in Israel and offered to assist in introducing this model in Lithuania and to assist in tracking speakers for TT panel in the forthcoming Conference. An option to conduct a workshop on this topic during LSB was raised and we offered to help in structuring it.

Meeting with Ambassador of Israel to Lithuania, H.E. Mr. Amir Maimon

A meeting was held with the Ambassador at the Embassy’s new premises in Vilnius. This was a curtsey meeting and a general update of our work, activities and our plans for 2016. The Ambassador, in turn told us of some of the main plans which the Embassy has for the year. Below: from the Left – Len Judes, Ambassador of Israel to Lithuania, H.E. Mr. Amir Maimon and Ronen Gruber

Meeting with our senior sponsors, Teva Baltics

As always, it was a pleasure meeting with Dr. Audrius Tutlys, Country Manager of Teva Lithuania, in which we renewed Teva’s sponsorship agreement of the Hub.Teva Baltics continues to be the ILTH official sponsor and prime partner. We also presented our plans for 2016. Dr. Tutlys in turn, updated us on Teva’s activity and developments. We thank Teva Baltics for their continued friendship, partnership and support!

Below: from the left - Dr. Audrius Tutlys, Below: from the left - Dr. Audrius Tutlys and Len Judes

Len Judes and Ronen Gruber

Meeting with Mr. Dalius Kaveckas, Managing Director of Inova Baltics

Following previous discussion during 2015, which resulted in agreement that Inova Baltics become a Hub partner and one of our sponsors, we met with Dalius Kaveckas in order to sign and formalize this agreement. We presented our plans for 2016 and discussed specific initiatives in which Inova Baltics can assist the Hub and vice versa. Dalius, in turn, presented their current projects and made several interesting suggestions with respect to activities which could benefit Israeli mature technology and manufacturing companies. We are delighted to have Inova Baltics on board with us, supporting the cause! Below: from the Left - Mr. Dalius Kaveckas and Len Judes

Meting with Ms. Asta Dovydėnaitė, Marketing & Sales Director at Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ) with Zvika Kezurer

At a meeting held in Vilnius, Asta and Zvika met to discuss how Israeli companies could benefit from settling on the KFEZ, enjoying the advantages and benefits offered. KFEZ would be the ideal location for Israeli manufacturing companies, which need a European base, a launch pad into the EU, CEE, Russia and Scandinavia. KFEZ offers excellent logistic infrastructure services and financial incentives, which are most attractive.

Meeting with Invest Lithuania and Municipality of Vilnius

A good and frank discussion was held with Invest Lithuania team members Rasa Cincyte and Paulius Maciulevicius who shared their perspective on how things are seen from their side - they mentioned that they see Israel as a potential pa

rtner in general for collaboration, however, have difficulties in tracking the right specific partners for it. We, of course, offered our assistance and services with this. Invest Lithuania is a one-stop-shop to inform, connect, facilitate and support foreign investors in Lithuania. Idan Meir, of Hubanana / Ra’anana introduced "JuneTech" and the town of Ra’anana and invited Invest Lithuania to participate in the Conference. Below: from the Left – Len Judes, Idan Meir, Paulius Maciulevicius and Ronen Gruber

Meeting with INFOBALT

Hub CEO, Ronen Gruber, met with INFOBALT team Andrius Plečkaitis, Innovation Manager and Paulius Vertelka, Managing Director. The mission of INFOBALT is to promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies to benefit society, businesses and public sector. INFOBALT has more than 140 members, including national and global businesses, universities, colleges and research institutions involved in ICT education, employing more than 10,000 experienced ICT professionals, teachers and researchers.

Future cooperation was discussed with INFOBALT with respect to various matters, ranging from ICT to Cyber security.

Meeting with Vilnius Tech Park

Hub members, Len Judes and Ronen Gruber together with Idan Meir of the Municipality of Ra’anana. Met with Darius Žakaitis, Managing Director, Monika Poskaityte, Communication Coordinator, Jūratė Pileckaitė, Coordinator, Business Development and Martynas Matekonis, Chief Portfolio Manager, StartupHighway. The meeting started with a tour of the beautiful Vilnius Tech Park building and facility is in the midst of a forest, in the outskirts of Vilnius and ended with a tour of their new Park location, soon to be opened. The "new old" compound in which the Park will be located, is in fact an old Palace originally, later a hospital and at present vacant. The buildings and grounds are historic and for preservation and are owned by the Municipality. It is a large complex which will provide plenty of space for startups and entrepreneurs, conference and training centers etc. The expected opening, once the renovation works are completed, is scheduled for September, 2016. Darius Žakaitis, the Managing Director and one of the owners of this Park, together with Monika Poskaityte, introduced the Park and its activity. The Park is a private initiative, the result of cooperation between the promoters and the Municipality of Vilnius. We, in turn, introduced the Hub, Ra'anana and specifically the "JuneTech" Conference in Ra’anana. Specific ideas for cooperation were discussed. Below: from the Left – Monika Poskaityte, Communication Coordinator at the Vilnius Tech Park, Idan Meir, Len Judes, Ronen Gruber and Jūratė Pileckaitė, Coordinator, Business Development at the Vilnius Tech Park

Meeting with Vilnius University

Hub members, Len Judes, Ronen Gruber together with Idan Meir of the Municipality of Ra’anana, met with Prof. Rimantas Jankauskas, Vice Rector, pro rector for research and Ms. Monika Kavaliauskė, Head of Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization Office. This meeting followed an earlier one held in Vilnius in November, 2015, the topic being technology transfer and commercialization of IP cooperation program. As a result of these discussions, this topic has been included in the LSB 2016 Program. It was agreed to structure a proposed plan for a week syllabus for an extra mural program for post graduate students, giving seminars on innovations, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and commercialization of IP coming out of the University. The courses will be given by Israeli experts and experienced Industry professionals as well as by local Lithuanian lecturers.

Meeting with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU)

Hub members, Len Judes, Zvika Kezurer and Ronen Gruber together with Idan Meir of the Municipality of Ra’anana, as well as Ms. Skaiste Budbergytė-Zabielaitė of MITA, met with Dr. Asta Radzeviciene, Vice-rector for International Relations, Prof. Čenys Antanas, Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Julius Griškevičius, Assoc. Prof., Head of Department of Biomechanics, Prof. Nikolaj Goranin, Vice-Dean for Research at Faculty of Fundamental Science and Ms. Gaubaite Vilma, Director at Knowledge and technology transfer center. The meeting with VGTU was kindly arranged by Ms. Skaistė Budbergytė-Zabielaitė of MITA, Lithuania. In which both sides introduced themselves. Technology Transfer, commercialization of IP, student exchange, Cyber and other matters were discussed, with a view to cooperate on these matters.

At the Lithuanian Venture Capital Association Annual Meeting – VCA - AGM

We were invited by the Lithuanian VCA to participate in their annual meeting. We participated in the second open part (after their administrative matters were over). Other than us from Israel, there were only representatives from Latvia and Estonia at this meeting. We were able to meet the members and chat to them, introduce ourselves and activity. We invited several Funds to the "JuneTech" Conference in Ra’anana and generally discussed possible cooperation. Below: from the Left – Idan Meir, Len Judes and Zvika Kezurer

Notable achievements from of late:

New “Lithuania Business Forum” within the Business Administration of Ra’anana to be formed

The annual “June Tech” activities will be held in Ra’anana during the month of June. This is an annual event which highlights the Town’s companies activities and success stories. The activities include two main events, namely a session of meetings and presentation of startup companies to funds and investors, and a Conference for technology companies, investors, entrepreneurs, etc. Hubanana Annual Event The Hubanana will expose its startups to the public, investors, one-on-one meetings and the traditional "Favorite Startup of the Year" competition. All invited to join the hottest startups scene in the Sharon area. JuneTech Main Event The main conference will be held on the 28th of June. In this event, the larger technology and life science companies’ executives (including leading companies such as Nice, Amdox, Teva, SAP, HP, Check Point and others), as well as VC funds and other investors in Ra’anana will share some of their recent experience and knowledge. The event will also provide a networking opportunity for the participants. We are working on holding our “Lithuania Session” conference at that time in Ra’anana. Technology and Life Science companies (whether startups or mature, whether from Israel, Lithuania or beyond) are invited to attend and enjoy one-on-one meetings and visits within and outside of the Conference. Contact us for more specific information with regards to this conference content and participants. Ra’anana is totally committed - click here to see more

ILTH becomes the official partner in Israel for promoting LOGIN - Startup Fair in Vilnius

Startups companies are hereby invited to participate in the LOGIN - Startup Fair to be held in Vilnius, on 5-6th May 2016. Tomas Navardauskas our Operation Manager will be one of the speakers in this year LOGIN, the leading Startup Event in Central and Eastern Europe. With its strategic CEE location, LOGIN Startup Fair aims to become the central startup orientated event in the region. 100+ selected startups, 50+ local and international venture capital investors and many networking opportunities.

OutsourceLithuania and ILTH cooperation

Our partnership with OutsourceLithuania, is one of the latest success stories in partnership between Israel and Lithuania. An Israel startup Pick Monsters (a social game) has chosen Lithuanian software company Media Park for developing their complicated APP for IOS and android. Thanks for the OutsoureLithuania platform that provided and helped us to find the right IT team in Lithuania. A partnership with OutsourceLithuania and ILTH is on its way with the idea to promote Israel IT companies to outsource their services in Lithuania.

Meet b2b software outsourcing platform:

More progress is under way! There are several other ventures being discussed and promoted between Israeli and Lithuanian companies, joint ventures, partnerships etc., which can’t be exposed yet, as they are yet to be formed up. These result from initiatives and introductions made by the Hub Team members. Growth in applications to the joint Israel-Lithuania R&D Fund: An increase in 100% has been recorded in applications this past year! This has been attributed, by ISERD to the endeavors and efforts of the ILTH!

Lithuanian production is gaining popularity in Israel

According recent data published by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, Lithuanian export to Israel increased by 40.6 % in 2015 (from 23.4 M to 32.9 M USD). This is the second best indicator in the EU. This is even more astonishing when taking into account overall negative picture in foreign trade between the EU and Israel – EU export to Israel decreased by 6.5 % in 2015 (in USD).

Great article at Forbes (from last January) - Top 9 Surprising Reasons to Bootstrap in Lithuania

ILTH initiated platform Mapped in Lithuania - click here for the article. If you are interested in seeing more of what is happening in the Lithuanian startup & high-tech ecosystem, Mapped in Lithuania collects all Lithuanian startups, high tech industry players, investors, accelerators, co-working, tech hubs, R&D centers in one place.

Below: Winter cityscape of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Image credit: Mantas Volungevicius

Upcoming events

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival The ILTH will be assisting a Lithuanian startup delegation (Startup Lithuania Roadshow program organized by Enterprise Lithuania) at the DLD Innovation days in Tel Aviv, 25-29th September 2016. The 4th International HLS & CYBER Conference in Tel Aviv Don’t miss the opportunity to meet industry leaders, and government officials, from Israel and around the world who will share their expertise and operational experience in handling security challenges, all the while discovering Israel’s latest technological solutions on the market at the 4th International HLS & CYBER Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, November 14 - 17, 2016

For more news you can visit our website:


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