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The Israel Lithuania Technology Hub - Newsletter No. 1

We are excited to share with you our first newsletter. We invite you to review our activities, events, updates and further relevant information.

The Israel Lithuania Technology Hub - Newsletter No. 1 - Nov. 2014

Dear Friends,

The Israel Lithuania Technology Hub (ILTH) is a platform which was formed by the Israel Lithuania Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to promote bilateral trade, investment and business between Israel and Lithuania. The prime target of the Hub is to promote economic growth and technological innovation in Israel and in Lithuania, by creating strong partnerships between the two economies. The ILTH offers its services and assistance to companies and institutions in both countries, to gain familiarity with the local respective markets and identify business opportunities, partners, technology transfer, joint ventures and other projects. The Hub Team will apply its in depth acquaintance and extensive knowledge, contacts and experience in both sectors, coupled with a detailed business information network in order to promote the business relations, cooperation and collaboration between Israeli and Lithuanian companies and organizations. I'm excited to share with you our first newsletter. We invite you to review our activities, events, updates and further relevant information. Always at your service, Ronen Gruber CEO, The Israel Lithuania Technology Hub Email: Tel:972-54-4578620

The Launch of the Hub MIXiii -BIOMED Conference and exhibition which took place in Tel-Aviv in May of this year and which was attended inter alia by a delegation from Lithuania, was a good opportunity to launch the Hub in Israel. At a reception hosted by the Ambassador of Lithuania H.E. Darius Degutis we were granted the opportunity to introduce the Hub and its team. We take this opportunity and would like to thank Ambassador Degutis for his significant contribution to growing and strengthening bilateral ties and indeed for his support for the Hub. We wish him good luck for the future. We take this opportunity to also thank Ms. Kristina Biraite for all her assistance and wish her luck in her new position in Lithuania. Below: Ambassador of Lithuania H.E. Darius Degutis @ the MIXiii-BIOMED reception.

The launching of the Hub in Lithuania took place in July of this year, when a senior Israeli delegation of officials and industrialists, members of the Manufacturing Association of Israel (MAI), lead by its President, Mr. Zvi Oren, visited Lithuania as guests of the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists (LPK). During a joint meeting of the Presidiums and a Seminar in which the respective economies and business opportunities were presented, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with respect to the Hub. Both Organizations endorsing and supporting the Hub.

Below (from right to left): Chairman of the Israel- Lithuania Chamber of Commerce Mr. Len Judes, President of MAI Mr. Zvi Oren, Israeli Ambassador to Latvia and Lithuania, H.E. Hagit Ben-Yaakov, Deputy Director of the LPK Mr. Gintaras Morkis, Lithuania Foreign Minister Mr. Linas Linkevicius andLithuanian ambassador to Israel H.E. Darius Degutis.

Below: The signatories of MOU

World Business Forum Lithuania On the 7th of September, The 6th World Business Forum Lithuania was held in Vilnius. The Forum aims to bring the Lithuanian business community and international businessmen together, present and discuss relevant topics, and to introduce business opportunities in Lithuania. One of the purposes is also to connect between business originating from friendly sources and the Lithuanian Diaspora on the one hand and local business, on the other. Len Judes, Chairman of the Israel Lithuania Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ILCCI), introduced the Hub, its vision, targets and aims. The reception of the idea was warm and positive and lead to the first application of Lithuanian companies to the Hub.

To read the article with Mr. Judes click here. Below: Len Judes, Chairman of the Israel Lithuania Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ILCCI)

Life Science Baltics (LSB) 2014 Forum A respectable delegation of 150 Israeli scientists, entrepreneurs, medical device experts and businessmen attended The Life Sciences Baltics 2014 forum, which was held in Vilnius between the 9th and the 11th of September. The three day Conference and exhibition was hailed as a great success, with over 1,100 participants, speakers and exhibiters. Much excitement was noted when Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary B. Mullis, recalled his experience around the discovery of PCR in 1983. The Chamber and Hub Chairman, Len Judes and Hub CEO, Ronen Gruber were delighted to participate in this Conference and introduce the Hub. Many interesting meetings were held and acquaintances made during these days. Several Lithuanian and Israeli companies showed interest and applied to participate in the Hub program! For more pictures from LSB 2014 click here. Below (from right to left): Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary B. Mullis, Lithuania Foreign Minister Mr. Linas Linkevicius, ILTH Life Science Director Mr. Zeev Zelig, Chairman & CEO of Shizim Group Mr. Yossi Bornstein, ILTH CEO Mr. Ronen Gruber, Mayor of Vilnius Mr. Artūras Zuokas and Israeli Honorary Consul in Lithuania Prof. Vladas Bumelis @ the LSB 2014 opening reception at Vilnius City Hall.

DLD Tel-Aviv Later in September, on the 16th, 8 Lithuanian start ups participated in DLD Tel-Aviv, all introducing their technology, software applications etc, pitching to potential investors and attracting much interest. The Hub Chairman and CEO were there to meet the companies and offer the Hub’s assistance. Once again, new applications to the Hub were made and work is underway! Below: Team Lithuania @ DLD Tel Aviv

Israeli Embassy to open in Vilnius in January 2015! September proved to be a busy month for Israel / Lithuania bilateral relations! Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. who also visited Vilnius during the month, announced the opening of an Israel independent Embassy in Vilnius. To date, Israel was represented by its non resident Ambassador, based in Riga. This announcement followed a promise made by the PM and FM to open an Embassy, in light of the strengthening bilateral relations. Following this, the Foreign Ministry appointed Mr. Amir Maimon to be the first Ambassador. We wish Ambassador Designate Maimon the best of luck! Changes at the Lithuanian Embassy in Tel-Aviv Last but not least, we wish to welcome the new Ambassador of Lithuania to Israeli. H.E. Mr. Edminas Bagdonas and the new Commercial Attache, Mr. Saulius Kolyta and wish them success and good luck in their new positions! Wishing all our friends in Israel and in Lithuania a warm winter, success and prosperity. Best regards, From all the ILTH team

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