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Israel and Lithuania high tech hub to be launched

Israel – Lithuania High Tech Hub initiative to be launched during the forthcoming visit to Lithuania of the President of Israel’s manufacturers association on June 28 – July 1. The prime purpose of this non – profit organization is to promote economic growth and technological innovation in Israel and Lithuania by creating a strong partnership between the countries. The Hub will have two offices, in Tel Aviv and Vilnius.

Lithuania is targeted as a prime partner for Israel in technology, as a preferred base and market in which investments will be made, startups promoted and as an ideal launch pad into the EU as a whole. Both countries will therefore be taking advantage of the assets each can deliver, Israeli excellence in innovation, R&D and advanced technologies and Lithuanian talent, innovation, skilled labour, local and EU economic incentives and access to regional markets.

The hub was initiated by the Israel – Lithuania Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ILCCI) in cooperation with Lithuanian Embassy in Israel. The chairman of ILCCI Adv. Len Judes invites Israeli and Lithuanian companies that are interested in joint high-tech ventures to join the Hub. For more information visit

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