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Welcome to the 15th edition of the ILTH Newsletter!

Dear friends,

The ILTH hub newsletter is out with the latest news on collaborations in Life Science, Biomed, Fintech, Miltech, Tourism, Startups – and much more!

Our recent main activities:

  • IMTM tourist fare (February)

  • Woman Business Forum (February)

  • Promoting fundraising for Israeli students in Kaunas (May)

  • Change in Chamber management (June)

  • Thanking Ziv Karsanti for his assistance to the Chamber (July)

  • Visit Bezalel (September)

  • Interview with Lithuanian Ambassador to Israel, Mrs Lina Antanavičienė (December)

We hope you enjoy this edition!

The Hub Team

Past events and Hub involvements

11-12 February, 2020

IMTM is the largest annual professional tourism fair of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean and like other international tourism fairs, it serves to promote incoming tourism, domestic tourism and outgoing tourism, as well as to strengthen cooperation among tourism bodies in Israel and elsewhere in the world.

On this occasion, we are happy to introduce "Lithuania in Israel" is a platform aimed at introducing the beauty of Lithuania to Israelis. We are here to share with travellers and tourists, the landscapes, attractions and hidden gems of both urban and rural Lithuania. Link to this page

26 February 2020

Lithuania - Israel women Business Forum led by Laura Aldone hosted by Israel - Lithuania Technology HUB in PowerHouse February 26 2020. Irit Dortal and Iris Kozlovich took the responsibility for the content and made sure to invite the best Israeli companies to let by Women. The event was organized by the HUB in coordination with Arūnas the Commercial Attache.

25 June 2020

Farewell from retiring Chairman, Len Judes

23 July 2020

Ziv Karsanti accompanies the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel Lithuania faithfully and diligently, and shares his rich experience with us. This is the time to thank him for his dedication.

"I joined the Chamber to assist my good friend Dov Crystal, who is a member of its management, as well as to assist with international connections and activities", tells Ziv and is looking forward to the day after the Corona storm when he will fulfil his dream and go on vacation in beautiful Lithuania.

Zvika Kezurer, chairman of the Chamber: "I appreciate Ziv's honesty, who is always happy to assist with face light, with patience and courtesy. I want to wish him success in business and health for him and his family!".

5 August 2020

Change of management for the Chamber a the private residence of the Ambassador.

Mr. Zvika Kezurer was unanimously elected as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Israel Lithuania ".

He serves in this honourable role fully voluntary.

Zvika was born in Vilnius and at the age of 9 immigrated to Israel. ′′ A few years ago my Lithuanian roots started to tickle inside me, and I was looking for a way to connect with them.

I came to the Chamber of Commerce Israel-Lithuania as a director, and recently I am rewarded with the decision to take my involvement one step further and run for the role of chairman.

Zvika sees the potential embodied in the economic relations between Israel and Lithuania.

"Over 80 % of Lithuania's young people speak English and 50 % of them speak another language. The areas that have broken forward in recent years are life sciences, computing infrastructure, and fintech. Additionally, the leaning companies are developing".

For Israeli companies looking for high-level computing infrastructure or system development professionals - Lithuania is an excellent choice. The most prominent example of the subject is WIX, an Israeli company, which opened a large development centre in Vilnius.

Collaborations on life sciences are highly recommended. A number of collaborations have already been made between Israeli and Lithuanian companies including clinical studies.

And recently Lithuania has become an excellent entrance gateway to the European market, especially in the field of Fintech. Already today there are a number of Israeli companies that have opened centers in Lithuania ".

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman, who wants to expand your activities and enjoy the fruitful square that Lithuania offers for businesses, you are welcome to contact Tzvika, who will make the right connections for you! Please contact

September 2020

Israel Lithuania Chamber members visited a Bezalel academy accompanied by Jimmy Lewensohn – Chairman of the Schatz fund. Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design is an academic college of design and art located in Jerusalem, Israel.

17 December 2020

Interview with Lithuanian Ambassador to Israel, Mrs Lina Antanavičienė

On the occasion of Hanukkah and Christmas, the Lithuanian Ambassador to Israel, Mrs Lina Antanavičienė, greets Lithuanians in Israel, recommends magical places worth visiting in Lithuania, finds out what her favourite Israeli food is and tells about her travels to the Negev and Susita. See the full interview here:

And Finally

We came with a mission - to strengthen the connection, deepen the relations between Israel and Lithuania and work for a better future together.

We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting our activity Teva Baltics, Inova Baltics and Klaipeda Free Economic Zone.

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