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Israeli life sciences industry: inspiring example for the Baltic countries

Israel and Lithuania are both small countries newly independent and created within the last generation. They share many strategic similarities, such as a highly educated population and promising life science and technology industries. Due to these factors, cooperation between Israeli and Lithuanian life science companies are constantly increasing; with already 5 shared projects and Lithuanian exports to the Israeli market on the rise. Lithuania views its partnership with Israel as full of potential and looks forward to increasing ties between trade, technology, research, and business. Therefore a delegation of over 100 industry leaders – businessmen, investors, politicians and scientists including Nobel Prize winner Dan Shechtman is expected at Life Sciences Baltics 2016 in Vilnius on September 14-15. Israel is a country that sets an inspiring example of creating innovation and success within the life sciences sector; a path which Lithuania is closely following. Israel has one of the world’s leading life science and technology industries which is constantly growing and expanding. According to the Israeli Life Sciences Industry IATI 2015 report, the sector has experienced a significant amount of growth and record amounts of investment from supporting nations within the last decade; creating some of the world’s most advanced and successful life science companies. The prosperity of the Israeli life science industry is considered to be a result of massive funding, government support, and highly educated and innovated professionals- the same factors currently propelling the same Lithuanian sector forward. Lithuanian and Israeli cooperation in the life sciences sectors lasts through international life science and technology conventions such as the IATI-Biomedconference in Tel-Aviv, which Lithuania has participated in 6 times already, and the Life Sciences Baltics forum in Vilnius, which Israel is a constant supporter of and even signed a memorandum of cooperation last year. However Israeli company Teva which is among the largest pharmaceutical producers in the world was one of the first to notice Lithuania’s potential in life sciences industry. Teva acquired Lithuanian company Sicor Biotech in 2004. This acquisition brought together two premier generic pharmaceutical companies and marked an important milestone for Lithuanian life sciences industry. This year Teva is one of the sponsors of Life Sciences Baltics 2016 which shows that maintaining the collaboration is important for both countries. Israel has praised the Life Sciences Baltics forum in the past for being an outlet of innovation and exposure of Baltic talent in the life sciences sector to the global market. Their constant attendance at the conference has resulted in increased collaborations between Israeli and Lithuanian professionals, business, and industry leaders. Some success stories of Lithuanian and Israeli encounters through the conference resulting in combined business ventures include the cooperation of Lithuanian company Probiosanus; which focuses on creating safe, eco-friendly household cleaning products through the usage of probiotics, Israeli company LN Pharma; which focuses on creating healing products through cell regeneration, and American company Earthbound; specializing in developing and promoting various companies. Another successful collaboration that resulted from participation in the Life Sciences Baltics conference was between a group of Vilnius University School of Medicine students, Lithuanian biotechnology research company Bioseka Ltd., and Israeli research company GeneArrest working together to create new anti-biotechnology for the treatment of life-threatening infections. Lithuania is looking forward to even more exciting networking opportunities and collaborations between its companies and Israeli participants which will take place at this year’s Life Sciences Baltics forum. With over 100 delegates from Israel attending the forum in Vilnius, there is no doubt some very important and interesting connections will be made. Life Science Baltics is an opportunity for further cooperation between Lithuanian and Israeli life science sectors. Lithuanian companies participating will have the opportunity to attract expertise from key players from one of the world’s most successful life science industries and Israel will have the opportunity to have a fresh look in to a growing Baltic life sciences industry and be in line with the latest trends covered by international speakers at the conference. This year featured topics will include molecular medicine, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, age-related diseases, bio-banking, preclinical and clinical trials, regenerative medicine, medical devices, technology transfer and innovative management.

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