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Cross Border Cooperation Seminar: Lithuania-Israel-Britain

On 13th of March, the Lithuanian Embassy in London hosted the first UK seminar of the Israel Lithuania Technology Hub. Participating were a diverse audience of technology and life science businessmen, members of the Lithuanian expat business community, professional service providers, e.g. a law firm, corporates and M&A practitioners.

Len Judes, Chairman of the Israel-Lithuania Chamber of Commerce and Hub Director writes about the London launch of the Israel Lithuania Technology Hub: "Following the Launching of the Hub both in Israel and Lithuania, we consider that an English dimension to and involvement in the Hub activity would be extremely advantageous. The UK as a whole, and the City of London in particular, are ideal global financial centers, with strong ties to both Lithuania and Israel. The professional legal, accounting and corporate standards of practice are high and are in fact the accepted international standard. English law and jurisdiction is often applied as governing in such cross border transactions. In light of the above, we have decided to develop the “British dimension” of the Hub activity.

In recognizing that one of the most significant challenges of any start up or young company, is funding and investment, whether for seed investment or other early stage funding, the Hub directors make appropriate introductions to local funds and angel investor groups, however, this remains a major hurdle to overcome. It is therefore recognized that investments should be sought in other countries too. A separate but related matter is that of sound legal structuring, good corporate governance etc, which would appeal to investors at the outset. For that reason, the British link in the relationship is now being added. We look forward to reporting on further funding success in the near future".

The Hub Team thanks H.E. Mrs. Asta Skaisgiryté Liauskiené, the Lithuanian Ambassador to the UK for hosting the Seminar. We also thank all speakers who took part in the seminar: Ms. Vaida Filmanaviciute, President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK for giving an overview of the LCCUK and a fascinating introduction on doing business in Lithuania; Mr. Paulius Vainauskas, personal assistant to the Commercial Attaché for giving an overview of ICT and Life Science in Lithuania; and Mr. Daniel Preiskel, Senior Partner and co-founder of Preiskel & Co who gave a very informative lecture on cross border technology related transactions under English law.

We would like to give a special thank to Ms. Beatrice Pauryte, Lithuanian Commercial Attaché Assistant, for all her assistance in the preparations and organization of the seminar.

Len Judes, Chairman of Israel - Lithuania Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the ILTH, at Cross Border Cooperation Seminar shared a lot of enthusiasm about doing business in Lithuania. Lithuania has a lot of potential to become a leading start up nation.

Ronen Gruber, CEO of Israel - Lithuania Technology Hub, presenting at Cross Border Cooperation Seminar - Life Science and ITC: Lithuania-Israel-Britain

Cross Border Cooperation Seminar - Life Siences and ITC: Lithuania-Israel-Britain — with Karolis Rosickas, Ronen Gruber, Len Judes, Nadia Kravchuk, Beatričė Paurytė and Nigel A Davies at Embassy of Lithuania, London.

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